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Efficacy of a new pupil expansion device in cataract surgery: first 30 cases

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First Author: S.Canabrava BRAZIL

Co Author(s):    L. Bernardino   T. Batisteli   G. Lopes              

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To assess the efficacy of a new disposable pupil expansion device produce for the first time with alternates engage parts by evaluating the outcomes of the first 30 cataract surgeries in which it have been used.




This study is a consecutive case series that evaluated 30 eyes of 29 patients with small pupil that underwent cataract surgery with a new disposable small-pupil expansion device named Canabrava�â�€�™s Ring (AJL Ophthalmic, SPAIN). The inclusion criteria were poorly preoperatively dilated pupils of less than 5mm. Were evaluated pupil diameters before, during and one month after surgery and were calculated the pupil circumference. The intraoperative and postoperative pupil circumferences were the primary outcomes of interest. Intraoperative ring stability and adverse events secondary to its use were the additional outcomes assessed.


The mean age of the patients was 64 �Â�± 11.8 (standard deviation [SD]). The ring remained stable and engaged throughout all surgeries except one. All pupils were intraoperatively expanded to achieve a diameter of 6.3mm �â�€�“ equivalent to a circumference of 19.7mm. T-test revealed a significantly larger mean pupil circumference postoperatively than preoperatively, at 13.3 and 11.7 mm, respectively (p=0.00). Postoperative complications were observed in 8 eyes. There was 1 case of reactivation of toxoplasmosis, retinal detachment, posterior capsule rupture, posterior capsule opacification, 4 cases of posterior synechiae. These complications occurred in eyes with pre-existing traumatic, infective pathology or synechiae.


Canabrava�â�€�™s ring was effective in providing a stable pupillary dilation of 6.3 mm in preoperative small-pupil patients during cataract surgery. There was an increase in pupillary circunference one month after surgery. Further large-scale studies are required to provide additional support for the observations made in this study.

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