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Features of formation of the corneal flap in patients with flat cornea by the methods FemtoLASIK and LASIK

Poster Details

First Author: M.Mirishova AZERBAIJAN

Co Author(s):    E. Kasimov              

Abstract Details


Assessment of the profile in the formation of the corneal flap using a mechanical microkeratome and femtosecond laser and matching predicted parameters in patients with flat cornea.


National Ophthalmology Center named after acad. Z.Aliyeva, Azerbaijan.


Femto Lasik surgery was performed on 22 eyes (22 patients) using the femtosecond laser VisuMax (Zeiss, Germany) and 20 eyes (20 patients) using the microkeratome MORIA. Excimer laser ablation was performed in all patients on the MEL 80 excimer laser (Zeiss, Germany). In planning the operation residual stromal thickness was an average 320 ± 5.8 mm. Keratometry of patients included in the study, was equal to 40.25 ± 0.66 diopters, pachymetry - 546.3 ± 16.1 microns. The observation period for all patients was 3 years. The thickness of the flap in all patients was 90-100 microns.


In the clinical picture of the postoperative period marked by us greater clarity edge of the corneal flap, generated by femtosecond laser, no displacement, the reaction on the edge of the flap on the next day after the surgery was more pronounced compared to LASIK. In our study, the parameters of the flap after FemtoLASIK amounted an average: diameter - 9.25, width of hinge -2.8. The effective domain of stromal bed was 66.4. Size parameters of the corneal flap after LASIK the average made diameter - 8.8, the effective domain of the stromal bed 55.3 and 4.2 width of hinge.


When forming the corneal flap in patients with flat cornea, obtained the following standard deviations from the planned indicators. By femtosecond laser: diameter +0.11 ± 0.1 mm, thickness ± 6.2 ± 0.12 mm. By mechanical microkeratome: - 0.35 ± 0.12 mm in diameter and +23.3 ± 0.18 mm in thickness at the center and +40.2 ± 0.28 mm at the periphery.

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