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Comparison of reLEX SMILE and Lasik in moderate myopia

Poster Details

First Author: M.Koncarevic CROATIA

Co Author(s):    M. Bohac   N. Gabric           

Abstract Details


To compare visual and refractive results of ReLEX SMILE and LASIK in moderate myopia.


Specialty Eye Hospital 'Svjetlost', Zagreb, Croatia; School of Medicine University of Rijeka, Rijeka,Croatia


Comparative case series on 96 eyes (48 patients) who were equally divided into two groups. First group underwent ReLEX SMILE and second group underwent LASIK. Groups were matched by age, gender, sphere and cylinder correction. Preoperative examination and postoperative follow up included measurement of sphere equivalent (SE), uncorrected (UDVA) and corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA), aberrometry and Schirmmer test. Slit lamp and dilated funduscopic examination were also performed. The postoperative results at 1 month were compared to baseline values. Student t-test was used for statistical analysis with 5% significance.


Postoperative UDVA(SMILE) was the same as preoperative CDVA(0,97decimal lines),postoperative CDVA improved to 1,00.Postoperative UDVA(LASIK) was 0,98, preoperative CDVA was 0,97 while postoperative CDVA was 1,00.Mean preoperative SE was -4,0±1,05(SMILE) and -4,66±1,18(LASIK).Mean postoperative SE was -0,08±0,49(SMILE) and -0,33±0,40(LASIK).Tear film impairment was observed in both methods(p<0,001),SMILE had better results 1 month postop(p<0,001).There was no difference in HOA at 5mm pupil between the groups except for trefoil (p=0,522,p=0,03,p=0,061).In SMILE group there was increase in coma(p<0,001,p=0,024) and LASIK group at 1 week (p<0,001).There was difference in SA at 1 week(p=0,012) and no difference at 1 month(p=0,653).


ReLEX SMILE and LASIK showed high safety in correcting myopia. In comparison to LASIK, SMILE has less dry eye, but lacks eye tracking and cyclotorsion control and treatment for hypermetropia.

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