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A large comparative study of a new mulitifocal intraocular Lens with a rotationally asymmetric design and it's predecessor

Poster Details

First Author: D.Kazakos UK

Co Author(s):    J. Venter   S. Schallhorn           

Abstract Details


To compare clinical outcomes of the new generation Lentis LS-313 MPlusX MF30 with the old generation Lentis LS-313 MPlus MF30


Multicenter, Optical Express Clinics, UK


Study Group 1,734 eyes (MplusX) Inclusion Criteria: • Primary bilateral implantation of MPlusX 3.0 • Treatments dates 6 Jan to 28 Jun 2014 • Completed 1 month clinical visit Control Group 1,420 eyes (Mplus) Inclusion Criteria: • Primary bilateral implantation of MPlus 3.0 • Treatments dates 7 Oct 2013 to 28 Jun 2014 • Completed 1 month clinical visit Exclusion Criteria: -Irregular of high (>1.5D) astigmatism, -Ocular comorbidity (LVC, ARMD, POAG), -Occupational requirements (pilots, drivers, perfectionists) Pre and postoperative data: UDVA, CDVA, monocular UNVA, CNVA, Patient reported outcomes


Demographics (Mx vs M+): Age(57±7yrs), Male/Female(45/55 vs 47/53), Pre-op CDVA (Logmar): -0.05±0.07 vs -0.04±0.07 Pre-op Myopic Sphere: -2.77±2.15 vs -3.14±2.69 Pre-op Hyperopic Sphere: +1.89±1.49 vs +2.27±1.65 Pre-op Cylinder: -0.56±0.44 vs -0.54±0.40 Myopia/Hyperopia (%): 14/86 vs 15/85 Myopia Low/Mod/High (%): 60/31/9 vs 58/29/13 Post-operative UDVA: >20/20 in 82.9% vs 89.3% p=0.23 Post-operative UNVA monocular: >20/32, 34.4% vs 28.3% p=0.24 Attempted vs achieved (MSE-R2)= 0.95 vs 0.97 MSE mean: -0.15 vs -0.08; <0.5D in 80.2% vs 79.8% Px Satisfaction: 86.4% vs 86% p=0.18 Px improved QoL: 89.9% vs 89.3% Px Recommend Sx: 92.1% vs 91.4%


A Well matched comparison of over 3,000 eyes No difference between MPlusX and MPlus on: • UCDVA • UCNVA • Refractive predictability • Change in BCVA • Patient Satisfaction • Patient reported quality of vision • Explants • Complications Non statistically significant improvement of near and intermediate vision with associated mild worsening of distance vision was seen and reported in PEQs

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