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The effect of methimazole-induced postnatal hypothyroidism on the retinal maturation

Poster Details

First Author: T.Kocaturk TURKEY

Co Author(s):    K. Ergin   G. Cesur   G. Evren Evlicoglu   H. Cakmak     

Abstract Details


To investigate the effect of methimazole-induced postnatal hypothyroidism on the retinal maturation and study SIRT2 levels in the hypothroidic rat retina.


Adnan Menderes University Medical School


Wistar albino rats, weight 250-300 grams, were impregnated and were fed normally. Twenty newborn Wistar albino offsprings were used in this study. They were randomly divided into 2 groups; in Group 1 (Methimazole (MMI) -induced hypothyroidy group), rat pups were fed with breast milk from their lactating mothers, after weaning they drank the same MMI-water until day 90, as lactating mothers drank. In Group 2 (Control group), rat pups were fed with breast milk. They received normal feed and water, as their mothers did. Then offsprings were decapitated and the eyes were isolated for histologic, histomorphometric and immunohistochemistric evaluation.


No histological difference was seen between the groups stained with hematoxylin and eozin. In both groups the retinal layers and their structures and their cells was observed as normal. The examples in the groups had a normal distribution for retina thickness (pixel) measure. The mean value (mean±Std. deviation) was 554.7050±228.40759 in the control group, and 494.6456±129.44719 in the hypothyroidy group (p>0.05). However, immunohistochemistry revealed that SIRT2 was weaker stained in the ganglion cell layer and visual cell layer in the hypothyroidy group compared to the control group.


Postnatal hypothyroidism altered the retinal cytoarchitecture and layering which are regulated by thyroid hormones (THs) during retinal maturation in postnatal period. THs may act by the induction of the SIRT family proteins or through their receptors. Postnatal screenings for THs levels are very important to prevent visual abnormalities.

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