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Comparative study of post operative intraocular pressure reduction in phacoemulsification and sutureless manual small incision cataract surgery in patients with occludable angle

Poster Details

First Author: K.Aditya INDIA

Co Author(s):    M. Singh   V. Gupta   y. goel   N. Singh     

Abstract Details


To compare post operative intraocular pressure pressure profile and trends between phacoemulsification and manual SICS in patients with high risk of Angle Closure .To best of our knowledge there is no study to compare these 2 procedures for IOP reduction in patients with Occludable Angles.Also to establish a predictive index of post operative intraocular pressure profile with preoperative cantral anterior chamber depth.


Double Blind,Randomized control trial at Dept. Of Ophthalmology,Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital,New Delhi


50 patients in each group were selected having: i) Cataract IMSC NS 2 or more (Locs III) ii) Gonioscopically occludable angles i.e more than 270 degree of posterior trabecular meshwork not visible Exclusion criteria- patients having previous intraocular surgeries,on steroid treatment, one eyed,uveitis. Group 1 underwent phacoemulsification and Group 2 underwent sutureless manual small incision cataract surgery ,post operative IOP was measured on day 1,7,14,28,90,anterior chamber depth and gonioscopic evaluation was done on day 90


Mean IOP reduction in Group 1 (Phacoemulsification) is 3.1mmHg while in Group 2 (sutureless manual small incision cataract surgery)is 2.3 mm Hg which is statistically significant. There is no significant difference in visual acuity,complication,angle measurements and anterior chamber depth.


Phacoemulsification for Cataract extraction for patient with high risk of closure proved to be superior to Sutureless Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery. Various hypothesis supporting these findings have been propounded such as activation of matrix metalloproteinases in trabecular meshwork by ultrasonic energy might help to explain the result.

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