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Outcomes of eyebank prepared DMEK tissue

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Session Title: Cornea
Session Date/Time: Sunday 22/02/2015 | 08:30-11:00
Paper Time: 10:36
Venue: Hall 2
First Author: : S.Mian USA
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To analyze the precut DMEK donor tissue and outcomes after one year the Midwest Eye Bank have started doing precut DMEK donor tissue.


Retrospective data from Midwest Eyebank regarding outcomes of DMEK. Midwest Eyebanks, Michigan Eye Bank. 4889 Venture Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, USA


Retrospective review of regarding donor age, death to preservation time, precut donor tissue data, time from preservation to precut, postcut donor tissue data, indication for surgery, recipient age and gender were collected; and the outcomes as graft dislocation, re-bubbling, re-graft, and best visual acuity on the first day and first week were collected by a form sent to surgeons.


Eighty-seven precut tissues were utilized on surgeries. All the precut tissues were flat on arrival and had the quality as expected; none of the surgeons reported failure to separate Descemet’s membrane from the corneal button. Percentage of dislocated tissue on the first day and first week post-surgery was respectively, 9.1% and 28.3%. Rebubbling was required in 18.75% of recipients. Six recipients underwent repeat DSAEK. Post-operative best visual acuity after one day was 20/726 (1.56 LogMAR) and after the first week was 20/152 (0.88 LogMAR).


Precut DMEK tissue by the eye bank gives advantages for surgeons and recipients. May reduce the time, complications, and costs of the surgery, keeping the quality of a better final visual acuity when corneal disease is present; increases the number of surgeons doing DMEK; and reduce the numbers of times that recipients have to return to the operation room due to cancelled surgery because of inefficient harvesting of tissue or complications. It is hoped that other eye banks could start precut DMEK tissue.

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