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Femtolaser-assisted ultrasound phacoemulsification of complicated cataract with a narrow pupil

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Session Title: Cataract 2
Session Date/Time: Saturday 21/02/2015 | 08:30-11:00
Paper Time: 10:18
Venue: Hall 1
First Author: : E.Usubov RUSSIA
Co Author(s): :    M. Bikbov   Y. Burkhanov           

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To evaluate the possibility of femtosecond -assisted cataract extraction in patients with a narrow pupil using different types of anterior chamber tamponade.


Ufa Eye Research Institute


19 patients with complicated cataract and narrow pupil underwent surgery – femtolaser-assisted cataract extraction/ In group 1 (10 patients) corneal tunnel incision of 2.2 mm has been performed, performed mechanical dilatation of the pupil using 'Malyugin pupillring & quot;, followed by sealing of the tunnel section. Visco has been left in the anterior chamber and femtolaser procedures - circular capsulorhexis and fragmentation of the lens conducted under viscotamponade. In group 2 (9 patients) after pupil dilatation visco has been removed and the femto procedure done normally.


In group 1 patients complete capsulorhexis was observed in 8 patients with single bridges. In 2 patients capsulorhexis is not satisfied, requiring manual intervention to complete it. However femtolaser phacofragmentation was complete in all patients of this group. NCVA was 0.72±0.08. In 2 patients in all, there is complete capsulorhexis. In 3 patients with 3-4 tablespoons density of lens nucleus fragmentation femtolazernaya proved defective. Otsrota of these patients also was high on average 0.67±0.06.


The clinical results showed that femtolaser-assisted phacoemulsification for complicated cataract in eyes with narrow pupil is a promising and safe surgical procedure. Application of additional steps: tamponade of anterior chamber and 'Malyugin ring' using allows to expand the indications of this technique in complicated cases. However using of viscotamponade of anterior chamber in some cases contributes to the noncompleted capsulorhexis but better fragmentation of the hard lenses.

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