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A longitudinal cohort study of the impact of first and both eye cataract surgery on falls and other injuries in Vietnam

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Session Title: Cataract 2
Session Date/Time: Saturday 21/02/2015 | 08:30-11:00
Paper Time: 09:15
Venue: Hall 1
First Author: : L.Meuleners AUSTRALIA
Co Author(s): :    K. Gia To   D. Van Duong   P. Bulsara   D. Van Do   D. Van-Anh   D. Hoang

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Purpose: Little information exists on the impact of cataract surgery on falls and other injuries in Vietnam. The aim of this study was to determine the impact of first and both eye cataract surgery on the number of falls and other injuries among bilateral cataract patients in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Setting: The study recruited patients with bilateral cataract who were scheduled for cataract surgery at the Eye Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam between July 2011 and July 2013.


Methods: A longitudinal cohort study was conducted involving 413 bilateral cataract patients aged 50+ years. Participants were assessed at three time points; one week before, one to three months after first and or second eye surgery and one year after cataract surgery. Visual measures (visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and stereopsis) were taken and self-reported falls and injury data were collected. A multilevel longitudinal Poisson regression model was used to investigate change in the number of falls and other injuries after surgery.


The risk of falls decreased by 78% (IRR=0.22, 95%CI: 0.06-0.77, p=0.018) in the year after cataract surgery for participants who had first eye surgery only and 83% (IRR=0.17, 95%CI: 0.04-0.69, p=0.012) for participants who had the second eye operated on compared to before first eye cataract surgery. The risk of falls was three times higher for females than males (IRR=3.13, 95%CI: 1.53-6.40, p=0.002). Improved binocular contrast sensitivity was also associated with a decrease in falls (IRR=0.40, 95%CI: 0.17-0.97, p=0.042). The prevalence of other injuries also decreased after cataract surgery.


Cataract surgery reduced the number of falls and other injuries in Vietnam. Having both eyes operated on had additional benefits for falls prevention. Contrast sensitivity may be important for Ophthalmologists to consider when prioritizing patients for surgery and assessing their falls risk.

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