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Benchmarking in cataract surgery using the EUREQUO data base

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Session Title: Cataract 1
Session Date/Time: Friday 20/02/2015 | 10:30-12:30
Paper Time: 11:16
Venue: Sadirvan B
First Author: : T.Herbst GERMANY
Co Author(s): :    J. Foerster   D. Holland           

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In order to compare the medical outcome of cataract surgeries in an external context, the Eye Hospital Bellevue uses the EUREQUO data base as a benchmarking tool. With the help of predefined reports, comparison of medical outcome between the Eye Hospital Bellevue and external surgery centers takes place regularly in order to judge the own quality level.


Eye Hospital Bellevue Benchmarking was conducted for single surgeons as well as on aggregate level. Different filter criteria were available resulting in different data subsamples. Risk structure of cataract patients was compared with the help of different variables. BCVA, refractive outcome and complication rate were used as quality criteria for medical outcome.


Since raw data for every cataract patient were only available for own patients, statistical analyses were only able in a descriptive way. As a consequence, comparisons of mean values and of percentage values were conducted without calculating significance levels of possible differences.


Several analyses have been conducted for different time periods. In 2014, preoperative risk structure of cataract patients was comparable between own patients and overall EUREQUO data base (age: 70.2 vs. 70.5 years, comorbidities: 31.2% vs. 29.24%; BCVA < 0.5: 43.1% vs. 45.1%). Postoperative medical outcome was slightly worse for BCVA (BCVA < 0.5: 10.1% vs. 4.2%) and postoperative complications (2.51% vs. 1.57%). Inverse relations were found for different data sub samples.


A comparison of medical outcome with other institutions is necessary in order to judge your own medical outcome in an external context. Therefore, the Eye Hospital Bellevue uses the EUREQUO data base, which enables an external comparison with other surgery centers. Regularly benchmarking was conducted for different data sub samples. Since available data consists solely of average values, significance level of identified differences were not able to calculate. Results for different sub samples show comparatively better results (premium IOLS) and worse results (monofocal IOL in 2014). Besides external benchmarking, results were used in order to identify possible improvement potential..

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