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Immunohistochemical expression of CD30, survivin and Ki67 in recurrent and primary pterygia

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Session Title: Special Cases
Session Date/Time: Friday 20/02/2015 | 08:30-10:30
Paper Time: 09:50
Venue: Sadirvan B
First Author: : H.Saad EGYPT
Co Author(s): :    E. Hasby              

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Microscopy and immunohistochemical studies on the structure and evolution of pterygium were imposed in recent years because the disease may recur several times after surgical removal. This work aims to investigate the expression of CD30 and survivin in biopsies from primary and recurrent pterygia, evaluate if they have a possible association with Ki67 proliferation molecule expression, and compare the expression of such molecules in the two pterygia groups to normal conjunctiva control group.


Ophthalmology & Pathology Departments at Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt.


We studied the immunohistochemical expression of CD30, Survivin and Ki67 in 40 recurrent pterygia, 35 primary pterygia and 10 normal conjunctiva control group. The epithelial labeling indices (LI) of the three markers were counted and compared in the different studied groups.


CD30, survivin and Ki67 LI were higher in recurrent pterygium group than primary pterygium and normal conjunctiva groups (p less than 0.0001 for all). Primary pterygium also showed significantly higher survivin and Ki67 LI (p=0.0001, p less than 0.0001 respectively), not CD30 (p=0.149), than normal conjunctiva group. The three studied markers were significantly correlated to each other (p less than 0.0001 in all).


The relationship between CD30, survivin and Ki67 proliferation molecule in this study suggests a potential origin of pterygium through an anti-apoptotic mechanism together with uncontrolled cell proliferation. The over expression of such molecules in pterygium when compared to normal conjunctiva provides useful information toward the development of novel therapeutic strategies for such disease involving the use of CD30 and survivin inhibitors alone or in combination, which might contribute to the treatment of pterygium and prevention of recurrence.

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