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The choice of vitreal cavity tamponade in patients on macular surgery depending on the Zinn ligament´s functionality after phacoemulsification.

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Session Title: Special Cases
Session Date/Time: Friday 20/02/2015 | 08:30-10:30
Paper Time: 09:38
Venue: Sadirvan B
First Author: : R.Fayzrakhmanov RUSSIA
Co Author(s): :    M. Bikbov              

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To identify indications for the choice of silicone oil tamponade method in the vitreal cavity in patients on macular surgery depending on the state of the Zinn ligaments functionality after phacoemulsification.


Ufa Eye Research Institute, 90 Pushkin str., Ufa, Russia, Ufa 450008, RU.


72 patients (72-eyes) aged 46 to 63 years who underwent single-stage macular and cataract surgeries were included in the study. Duration of a disease ranged from 1 week to 4 months. All of them previously had phacoemulsification with implantation of intraocular lens. Special attention was paid to the support function of the ligament of Zinn. All patients underwent 25G vitrectomy according to a standard technique.


A partial leakage of the silicone oil into the anterior chamber was revealed in the first series of the experiment in 16% of the patients and it caused the necessity of further evacuation through paracentesis with the replacement for the air. In the second series of the study leakage of silicone oil was observed in 1 patient of the 1st group. In other patients there was an adequate tamponade of vitreal cavity with the absence of silicone leakage.


The defect of the ligament of Zinn in patients with vitreoretinal intervention on the implantation of silicone in the vitreal cavity must be performed according to the following scheme perfluorodecalin liquid - silicone oil. This method prevents the dislocation of tamponade material into the anterior chamber. If no damage of ligament of Zinn is observed the replacement of tamponade material can be carried out through the air pump.

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