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The outcome of selective laser trabeculoplasty in association with the stage of glaucoma.

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Session Title: Special Cases
Session Date/Time: Friday 20/02/2015 | 08:30-10:30
Paper Time: 08:30
Venue: Sadirvan B
Co Author(s): :    K. Moschonas   O. Georgiadis   G. Mangouritsas        

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To evaluate the efficacy and safety of selective laser trabeculoplasty(SLT) in patients with open angle glaucoma, which had previously undergone uneventful phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation. We also studied the intraocular pressure(IOP) lowering effect in association with the stage of glaucoma and the customized for each patient target-IOP.


Glaucoma Department, Eye Clinic, General Hospital “Red Cross”, Athens


In this prospective study we enrolled 30 consecutive pseudophakic patients (30 eyes) with uncontrolled glaucoma under maximum tolerated medical treatment and without any previous filtering surgery. We performed a 360° treatment using the Ellex Solo laser system. Mean IOP measurements were carried out month 1, month 6 and month 12 post-laser treatment. Glaucoma stage was classified according to visual field loss as early, moderate or advanced. A range of target IOP was determined for each glaucomatous eye and used as an absolute success criterion. An IOP <21 mmHg was defined as a relative success.


During the mean follow up of 15±2 months 12(40%) eyes required either acetazolamide per os or surgical intervention. Clinically significant complications did not occur. At the last visit, the mean post-laser IOP reduction of the remaining 18 eyes was 4.4±0,7(20%)mmHg. An IOP- reduction of <21 mmHg was found in 73% (month6) and in 57% (month12) of the eyes, whereas the overall absolute success was 50% and 37% respectively. SLT was significantly successful in eyes with early glaucoma.


SLT is useful and safe for pseudophakic eyes with early to moderate glaucoma, which cannot be controlled under maximum tolerated medical treatment.

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