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Analysis of anatomical and topographical features of eyes with high ametropia after refractive lens exchange by means of anterior segment optical coherence tomography

Poster Details

First Author: A.Bikbulatova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    M. Bikbov   E. Garipova                 

Abstract Details


To evaluate anatomical and topographical features of high myopic and high hyperopic eyes after clear lens phacoaspiration with intraocular lens implantation by means of anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT).


Ufa Eye Research Institute, Russia


AS-OCT was performed in 30 eyes of 27 patients with myopia, 32 eyes of 18 patients with hyperopia and 30 eyes of 20 healthy subjects with emmetropia. The average age was 25.36±2.15 years (18-45). The mean spherical equivalent refraction was -15.53±1.61 D in myopic eyes, 8.01±0.56 D – in hyperopic eyes. The axial length was 29.16±0.40 mm in myopic eyes, 20.64±0.25 mm - in hyperopic eyes and 23.42±0.18 mm – in normal eyes. Examinations were performed using «Visante» AS-OCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec, USA). Anterior chamber depth (ACD) and anterior chamber angle (ACA) were measured.


Initial mean ACD and ACA in myopic eyes were higher than ones in hyperopic eyes (P˂0.01). Measured parameters differed significantly between ametropic and emmetropic eyes (P˂0.01). Mean ACD increased from 3.18±0.03 mm to 3.90±0.30 mm in myopic eyes (P˂0.05) and from 2.70±0.08 mm to 3.74±0.09 mm in hyperopic eyes (P˂0.01) after refractive lens exchange. There was no statistically significant difference between preoperative mean ACA (40.80±1.21º) and postoperative mean ACA (41.83±1.31º) in myopic eyes (P˃0.5). Mean ACA significantly increased from 31.46±1.35º to 41.33±1.24º in hyperopic eyes after surgery (P˂0.01). Mean ACD and ACA in emmetropic eyes were 3.05±0.04 mm and 36.00±0.58º respectively.


The anatomical and topographical parameters of eye anterior segment can be objectively evaluated using AS-OCT. ACD and ACA in myopic, hyperopic and emmetropic eyes are significantly different from each other. Deepening of the ACD and widening of ACA occurs after refractive lens exchange. These changes are more intensive in hyperopic eyes. No Financial Interest

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