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Modified central flip phaco technique for hard cataracts

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First Author: S.Narang INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Narang   S. Jain                 

Abstract Details


To describe a technique that is safe in managing hard brown leathery cataracts and relatively easy for most surgeons and most phaaco machines.


All surgeries performed by single surgeon SK Narang ,Narang Eye Institute , Delhi, India using Signature Ellips phacoemulsification machine under Leica 820 microscope.


I describe a technique of phacoemulsification of hard brown leathery cataract which is safe and well controlled. It involves cracking of peripheral cataract in such a way that the hard core central endonuclear part of the cataract becomes free and is first emulsified as debulking.cracking is done with the help of sinsky hook. no chopper is used. Following this step the rest of the peripheral cataract is emulsified as onion peeling technique layer by layer. The most peripheral cortex is saved for the end giving complete safety to the posterior capsule.


I have operated 1000 patients with hard brown cataracts between the March 2010 and February 2014 with favourable outcome compared to the divide and conquer, and direct chop I was doing earlier for similar cases. risk of peroperative complications like posterior capsule rent and zonular dialysis are largely reduced. anterior chamber stability is maintained throughout the procedure.


Surgery of hard cataracts with this modified procedure has given good outcomes in terms of clarity of cornea,vision, reduced phaco time and power.

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