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ReLEx SMILE improves quality of life

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First Author: O.Klokova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    S. Sakhnov              

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To study the quality of life of patients after compound myopic astigmatism correction by ReLEx SMILE method based on questionnaire.


FSAI “The Academician S.N. Fyodorov IRTC “Eye Microsurgery” of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation, Krasnodar Branch


The study group included 56 patients aged from 18 to 40 years (27.9±0.7), mean SE is -4.61±0.2 D (-1.75D to -8.5D), BCVA is not less than 0.8. For a more detailed analysis of the questionnaire results we divided the questions of K. Pesudovs`s questionnaire into three parts: the first part 'Quality of Vision' included the first four questions, the second 'Level of Anxiety' - №9,12,13, the third 'State of Happiness' - from 14 to 20. ReLEx SMILE was performed on the VisuMax® 500 kHz (Carl Zeiss Meditec AG). The follow-up period was at least 6 months.


The refraction ±0.5 D was achieved in 93.8% of cases and ±1.0 D in 100% cases. Total QIRC score improved with ReLEx SMILE from mean 45.3±0.88 preoperatively to 51.2±0.95 postoperatively (P<0.01). Patients were satisfied quality of vision to a greater degree in 6 months after correction (P<0.05), that correlates with the recovery dynamics of UCVA. Significantly higher level of anxiety (P<0.01) after operation patients experience in the early postoperative period. Higher self-concept was observed in patients 6 months after surgery (P<0.02). It should be noted that often respondents found themselves happy in the first month after surgery (P<0.05).


Assessment and measurement of QL of patients based on questionnaire provide important additional information on refractive surgeries results that are not detected by traditional standard researches, achieved visual acuity without correction and refractive data. Femtosecond correction of compound myopic astigmatism by ReLEx SMILE technology within the range declared by a manufacturer, allows to reach in the postoperative period a high level of patients` satisfaction in a quality of vision and quality of life in general. FINANCIAL DISCLOUSRE: NONE

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