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Endoscopic vitreoctomy for patients with cental corneal scar

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First Author: N.Ali YEMEN

Co Author(s):    B. Alrefai   F. Mogram           

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To show advantage of Enoscopic vitreoctomy for patient with traumatic central scar.


MAGRABI EYE HOSPITAL (Sana'a) Nabil Taresh (Ph.D) , Basma Al-refai (MSc) , Fahmi Moghram(MSc).


Three cases of traumatic endoophtalmaitis with cenral corneal scar after penetrating trauma ,all patent done slit lamp photo ,B-scan, VEP(Visual Evoked Potential) and CT-Scan . Pars plana vitreoctomy done useing Endo Optics machine (E2) for intraoperativly visualization .


: Slit lamp photo show cental corneal scar with corneal haze ,B-scan revealed vitreous opacities with intravitrial foreign body (endophthalmitis) Pars plana vitreoctomy done with Endo optics machine E2 for intraoperativly visualization.


Intaoperatively viewing Endo Optics machine useful system for patients with central corneal scar. Need good training to work with Endo Optics machine view system vitreoctomy. FINANCIAL DISCLOUSRE: NONE

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