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Pregnancy changes on the eye

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First Author: M.Saif EGYPT

Co Author(s):    S. Ibrahim   A. Saif   A. Gouda        

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The purpose of our study was to detect the changes that occur in the womenꞌs eyes during pregnancy and postpartum period regarding visual acuity , intraocular pressure and tear film .


Patients attending 'routine antenatal outpatient' clinics at the Obstetrics and Gynecology department of fayuom university hospital and Beni suif university hospital


The presentation of cases was common at duration of 12,24,36 weeks of pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum . we excluded any prenursing ocular pathology. Full ophthalmic examination was done including: 1- best corrected visual acuity using snellen's chart 2-Autokeratometer to determine corneal parameters and average k 3-IOP was measured using Goldman applanation tonometer 4-Tear film was tested by Shirmer's test and Break up time .


BCVA showed a significant p value of 0.02 in first and second trimester and insignificant p value in second and third ,that between first trimester and postpartum had a significant p value of 0.016 . Regarding IOP significant p value in second and third trimester of 0.000 value ,while all other values were insignificant . average k first, second and third trimesters showed a significant p value of 0.00 ,with insignificant values postpartum . Shirmer's test and BUT have first, second and third trimesters showed a significant p value with insignificant values postpartum


Conclusion: Most of changes that occur during pregnancy are temporary and disappear in postpartum period . We recommend not to go on any refractive surgery during pregnancy and at least 6 weeks postpartum , we also recommend insurance of the pregnant woman and awareness about this changes by her physician . FINANCIAL DISCLOUSRE: NONE

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