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Analysis of surgically induced astigmatism and axis deviation in micro coaxial phacoemulsification

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First Author: E.Stangogianni GREECE

Co Author(s):    C. Stangogianni              

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To determine the impact that has an incision in clear cornea on the direction (axis) and magnitude (cylinder) of the vector, as well as on the induction of the corneal astigmatism


Laserlens. Ophthalmology Institute. Ioannina-Greece


It is a study of cohort, prospective, longitudinal and interventional. Which include 60 patient’s, both gender ≥ to 40 years old, and post cataract surgery with incision 2.4 mm. Exclusion criteria: existing corneal pathology, previous ocular surgery, antecedent of ocular trauma, alteration of the lagrimal film, uveitis, retinal pathology and glaucoma. Postoperative evaluation: keratometry by corneal topography (Obscan II), intraocular pressure, VA and controls to the 4, 11, 30, 90, 180 days and the keratometric data were process with vectorial analysis


The amplitude of the axis and the cylinder significantly varies in the time (p=0.021) Levene's test. The average of the operating cylinder pre and post surgery is significant different mind (p= 0.005) ANOVA (p< 0.05). For all the cases, the resulting correlation of R-square is poor < 10%. The corneal astigmatism of 37 patients was neutralized with the incision (0.29 SD 0.58). The inductive vector (cylinder) did not generate in the previous vector evident alterations in the resulting cylinder to the 180 days (- 0.06 SD 0.38).


The cornea is a flexible dome, allowing keratometric modifications in the corneal curvature. The axis of the incision did not have a significant impact in the induction of the astigmatism. The magnitude of the astigmatism (resulting cylinder in dioptrics) had significant statistical modifications. The axis (direction) of the cylinder is not modified and their variations are not statistically significant. FINANCIAL DISCLOUSRE: NONE

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