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Two-stage ReLEX SMILE for ultra-high degree myopia correction

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First Author: T.Shilova RUSSIA

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Develop a method of 2-stage ReLEX SMILE for correction of super-high myopia and astigmatism over -10.0 diopters.


Private refractive surgery service group of clinics «SMILE EYES», Moscow, Russia


24 eyes of 17 patients were underwent 2-stage SMILE treatment. Protocol included: diameter of lenticule not less than 7.0 mm, diameter of the optical zone 6.2 mm, remaining thickness of the bed, taking into account the upcoming second stage SMILE. The interval between stages was at least 3 months. Eyes were randomized according to ocular dominance. The mean pre-operative spherical equivalent refraction was -13.40 +/- 2.79 respectively. The second stage was planned as follows: cap thickness equal to the primary or 5µm less, lenticular diameter 0.2 mm less than in the primary treatment, minimum lenticular thickness 30 µm or more.


At one-year post-op visit the mean spherical equivalent refraction was -0.15 +/- 0.21 respectively, 40% had an UDVA of 20/20 and 60% had an UDVA of 16/20 (p = 0.04). In 40% of cases, the residual stroma was 250 microns. Biomechanics of the cornea remained stable in all cases. Outcome measures include high contrast Snellen acuity, low contrast Snellen acuity (5 and 25%), safety, predictability, efficacy, higher order aberration analysis and self-reported quality of vision, map of the epithelium thickness.


Two-stage ReLEX SMILE for ultra-high degree myopia correction have good clinical outcomes with excellent safety, efficacy and predictability and faster recovery. Technology for patients with dry eye syndrome, who needs for rapid rehabilitation and preservation of corneal biomechanical strength. As well as a SMILE for both eyes in the case of anisometropia.

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