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Comparison of visual outcomes and corneal wavefront-aberrations of two aspheric platforms for LASIK: topography-guided WaveLight contoura and corneal wavefront-aberration-guided SCHWIND cam

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First Author: L.Li CHINA

Co Author(s):    Z. Wang                    

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To compare and analyze the differences in visual and aberrated outcomes between corneal-wavefront-aberration-guided (CWG) LASIK by AMARIS 1050 (Schwind eye-tech-solutions GmbH & Co. K8G) and corneal-topography-guided (CTG) LASIK by WAVELIGHT EX500 (Alcon Laboratories, Fort Worth, TX).


A prospective and randomized study.


A total of 266 patients received binocular LASIK surgery, and only right eye procedures (266 eyes) were selected. A total of 134 patients underwent CWG-LASIK to correct ametropia (myopia or myopic astigmatism) and whole corneal high order aberrations using the Amaris ORK-CAM platform (Amaris group). A total of 132 patients received CTG-LASIK using the WaveLight EX500 platform (EX500 group). Visual acuity, refraction, and corneal aberrations were assessed preoperatively and postoperatively. Corneal aberrations were assessed on the Vario Topolyzer (Alcon Laboratories, Fort Worth, TX).


In the EX500 group, 127 (96.2%) of 132 eyes achieved a UDVA of 20/20 or better at 3 months. These percentages were not significantly different in the Amaris group (96.3%, P = 0.51). Postoperative spherical aberrations, coma, and vertical comas of the EX500 group were lower than those of the Amaris group. The increase of spherical aberrations and coma in the EX500 group was lower than the Amaris group. Postoperative contrast sensitivity was higher than preoperative contrast sensitivity, in two groups.


Both WaveLight EX500 corneal topography-guided LASIK and Amaris 1050S corneal wavefront-guided LASIK showed excellent refractive and visual outcome, while the EX500 group showed a minimal change in wavefront aberrations than Amaris group.

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