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Initial outcomes with customized myopic LASIK, guided by automated ray tracing optimization: a novel technique

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First Author: A.Kanellopoulos GREECE

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To report the initial visual outcomes with a novel automated ray-tracing optimization in customization of excimer ablation in myopic LASIK

Setting: Clinical and Research Eye Institute


In a consecutive case-series 25 patients (50 eyes) treated with myopic femtosecond-laser assisted LASIK with this technique: The novel artificial intelligence platform calculates the ablation profile on model eye parameters defined by interferometry axial length data from each eye: ray tracing refraction, and high order aberrations optimization calculations, based on Wavefront and Scheimpflug tomography measurements, all from a single diagnostic device. Visual function: Acuity, refractive error, keratometry, topography, high order aberrations and contrast sensitivity and repeat final postoperative refraction and aberrations calculation were evaluated, over six months follow-up.


Change from pre- to post-operative: mean refractive error was from -5.49 ± 2.54 diopters (D) (range -8.0 to -0.50 D) to -0.07 ± 0.09 D at 6 months; Refractive astigmatism from -1.07 ± 0.91 diopters (D) (range -3.75 to 0 D) to -0.11 ± 0.04 D, topographic astigmatism from -1.65 ± 0.85 to -0.26 ± 0.11. 65% of eyes gained one line of vision and 38% 2 lines. Pre-to –post high order aberrations average: RMSh changed from 0.25 um to 0.35 um. Contrast sensitivity improved post-operatively as an average.


We report herein early clinical outcomes of novel automated excimer laser customization with ray tracing optimization, for myopic LASIK treatments, employing several independent up-till-now diagnostics and a customized eye model reference for each case. It bears the potential advantage through total eye aberration data and ray tracing refraction calculation to offer improved and more predictable visual outcomes.

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