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Reducing residual astigmatism after primary cataract surgery using the AddOn® Toric sulcus IOL

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First Author: K.Gundersen NORWAY

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To correct residual refractive astigmatism in patients who have had prior cataract surgery.


Single surgeon eye clinic, Haugesund, Norway


ic sulcus IOL to correct residual astigmatism after previous cataract or refractive lens exchange (RLE) surgery and IOL implantation in the capsular bag. A retrospective chart review was conducted to identify relevant patients who had uncomplicated secondary surgery. Refractive and visual acuity data after primary cataract surgery were collected, along with the details of the secondary sulcus IOL surgery. Subjects were assessed during a single visit after their secondary surgery. Clinical evaluation included measurement of UCVA, BCVA, clinical refraction and axis alignment. Inter-lenticular opacification or pigment dispersion were also evaluated.


18 eyes were evaluated. Primary IOL`s included trifocal, EDOF and monofocal IOLs. Mean residual astigmatism was reduced from -1.67 D to -0.31 D (p < 0.001). 16 of 18 eyes (89%) had residual refractive astigmatism ≤ 0.50D, and no eye had more than 0.75D after secondary IOL implantation. Mean UCVA was 0.01 logMAR, with no eye having UCVA worse than 0.1 logMAR. Mean lens axis orientation was 4.9 degrees from intended. Sixteen of eighteen eyes (89%) had a lens orientation ≤ 10 degrees from intended. Max. deviation identified was 13 degrees. No eyes showed any inter-lenticular opacification or pigment dispersion


The AddOn® Toric sulcus IOL significantly reduced postoperative refractive astigmatism in patients with astigmatism after their primary cataract or RLE surgery, providing very good and stable uncorrected distance vision.

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