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Repeatability and agreement of objective refraction and high order aberrations

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First Author: G.Auffarth GERMANY

Co Author(s):    J. Usinger   I. Baur   J. Weindler   P. Poompokawat   R. Khoramnia        

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The purpose is to compare the objective refraction, provided from the Pentacam AXL Wave (P_AXL_W) (OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH) and the ARK 1s (Nidek) and the ORK (Schwind) for phakic, pseudophakic and keratoconus eyes


International Vision Correction Research Centre (IVCRC), Dept. of Ophthalmology, University Eye Clinic Heidelberg


Prospective, randomized study with three consecutive measurements per eye with all three devices. Only measurements with a good quality of the respective parameter were included as provided by the device. Agreement was assessed with Mean +/- SD and Bland Altman, Repeatability was assessed with Coefficient of variation (CV)


Phakic eyes: P_AXL_W: n=34, mean abs. SEQ=0,99D, SD=0,08D, mean abs. CV=0,638; ARK 1s : n=34, mean abs. SEQ=1,07D, SD=0,08D, mean abs. CV=0,003; ORK: n=29, mean abs. SEQ=1,5D, SD=0,3D, mean abs. CV=3,29. Pseudophakic eyes: P_AXL_W: n=20, mean abs. SEQ=0,22D, SD=0,08D, mean abs. CV=0,552; ARK 1s : n=20, mean abs. SEQ=0,26D, SD=0,09D, mean abs. CV=0,71; ORK: n=16, mean abs. SEQ=1,3D, SD=0,26D, mean abs. CV=0,202. Keratoconic eyes: P_AXL_W: n=21, mean abs. SEQ=1,9D, SD=0,15D, mean abs. CV=0,25; ARK 1s : n=21, mean abs. SEQ=2,39D, SD=0,1D, mean abs. CV=0,534; ORK: n=20, mean abs. SEQ=2,2D, SD=0,34D, mean abs. CV=0,25


The numbers of eyes are same for the ARK 1s and the P_AXL_W but for the ORK less eyes were available due to the lower success rate. The comparison of the SEQ provided by P_AXL_W and the ARK 1s showed no statistical differences for phakic and pseudophakic eyes. The ORK provides significant differences. For the keratoconic eyes, the P_AXL_W and the ARK 1s showed similar small repeatability. The comparison of the SEQ provided by the ORK and the P_AXL_W showed no statistical difference.

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