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Subconjuctival hemorrhage following intravitreal Anti-VEGF injections

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First Author: M.Mohamed IRELAND

Co Author(s):    M. Mohamed   I. Tuwir   .    .    .         

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To evaluate the effects of instillation of Iopidine (Apraclonidine) 1% eye drop before IVI on the percentages of subconjunctival hemorrhage, degree of Peri-IVI pain, Post- Post-IVI intraocular pressure. To measure patient factors and medication effects on the development of subconjunctival hemorrhage.


hospital based


Two groups were identified; 20 patients Iopidine group and 20 Non-Iopidine group. Verbal consent was obtained from each patient. Iopidine single use 1% was instilled about 30 – 60 minutes prior to IVI. All the intravitreal procedures were performed by single doctor who used the same technique for both groups in the same hospital setting. Peri-IVI pain was measured using numeric rating scale (NRS). Patients were assessed 30 – 60 minutes after the injection to measure Intraocular Pressure and to evaluate presence or absence of Subconjuctival hemorrhage (Same slit lamp and Goldman applanation tonometry were used for all patients)


A percentage of 52.5 % of all injected patients were male. The most common age group of patients was 70-79 years of age (42.5%).The most common injected eye was the left eye 52.5 %. The most common used intravitreal medication is Bevacizumab (Avastin) 40 %. A total number of 17 patients (42.5 %) developed Subconjuctival hemorrhage post-IVI [Seven patients Iopidine group (N=7/20-35%) and ten patients Non-Iopidine group (N=10/20-50%), P value>0.05, 0.3]. Half of the patients had no pain during their procedure; 85 % of them were from the Iopidine group (P value < 0.001). Most of Post-IVI measurements were ranged 10 - 21 for both groups [The lowest reading taken IOP<10 was from the Iopidine group (N=5) and highest >21 taken from the non Iopidine group (N=1), p value 0.03]. Anticoagulant medications were associated with 70 % of total Subconjunctival hemorrhage [Iopidine group (N=4/7- 57%)/ Non-Iopidine group (N=8/10 - 80%) - P value 0.04].


Iopidine 1 % eye drop instilled 30 minutes prior to IVI has no statistical effect on the percentage of Post-IVI subconjunctival hemorrhage. However, it had dramatic effect on the degree of Peri-IVI pain and Post-IVI IOP.

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