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Contrast sensitivity, ocular dominance and macular pigment optic density in healthy young adults

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First Author: M.Kalayci TURKEY

Co Author(s):    R. Duman   E. Ertan   M. Sabaner   E. Cetinkaya   M. Kalayci        

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To determine the relationship between contrast sensitivity, ocular dominance and macular pigment optic density in healthy young adults.


Ophthalmology Clinic of Afyon Kocatepe University Hospital


39 patients between the ages of 18-30 who applied to the Ophthalmology Clinic of Afyon Kocatepe University Hospital; 78 emetropic eyes with complete visual acuity were included in the study. In each case, the dominant eye was detected with the Dolman method (hole-in-the-card test). Using the MonPackONE vision monitor system (Metrovision, Perenchies, France), macular pigment optical density (MPOD) test and dynamic photopic contrast sensitivity test (0.5, 1, 2, 6 and 12 cycles per degree) were performed.


The mean age of the 19 male and 20 female patients included in our study was 24.23 ± 1.67. The mean MPOD of the cases was found to be 5.41 ± 1.91 dB. Mean contrast sensitivity values were 18 ± 1.98 at 0.5 cpd, 20.42 ± 1.93 at 1 cpd, 20.92 ± 2.38 at 2 cpd, 18.05 ± 3.67 at 6 cpd, and 11.27 ± 3.66 at 12 cpd. In the photopic contrast sensitivity test performed in dominant eyes, the mean 1, 6, and 12 cpd values were statistically significantly higher than non-dominant eyes (respectively (p: 0.025), (p: 0.013), (p: 0.032)). No statistically significant difference was found between dominant and non-dominant eyes in terms of MPOD (p> 0.05). There was no statistically significant difference between male and female genders in terms of contrast sensitivity test parameters and MPOD (p> 0.05). No statistically significant correlation was found between contrast sensitivity parameters and MPOD (p> 0.05, Spearman).


We think that the concepts of ocular dominance and contrast sensitivity are conditions that affect each other in humans.

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