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3 point suture fixation of dislocated IOL/capsular tension ring complex - 24 months results

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First Author: A.Aguayo CANADA

Co Author(s):    C. Kranemann                    

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To determine the medium term outcome of a 3 point fixation of dislocated IOL/Capsular tension ring complexes.


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Consecutive patients who presented with a dislocated capsular bag/IOL/CTR complex underwent a 3 point scleral fixation. They were followed for a minimum of 24 months for refractive change and stability as well as changes in intraocular pressure and secondary complications. A 'Y-hitch' approach was used for the placement of the Prolene sutures securing the CTR to the sclera.


A total of 11 eyes completed the study. The mean refractive change of -.8 diopters of sphere and 0.3 diopters of cylinder -NS. The mean IOP was reduced by 1.3 mm Hg - NS. There were no clinical corneal (including endothelial cell count) or retinal changes nor any reduction in best corrected visual acuity.


3 point suture fixation of the capsular bag/IOL/CTR complex appears to result in a stable outcome with minimal to no effect on IOL tilt and should be considered in dealing with these patients.

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