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Split PDEK. Use or discard?

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First Author: M.Tsatsos GREECE

Co Author(s):    D. Gousia   I. Athanasiadis   S. Jacob              

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To evaluate the possibility of usage of Split PDEK grafts and assess the visual improvement and their survival compared to uncomplicated PDEK grafts


Southampton University Hospital Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Dr Agarwal's Hospital


We retrospectively reviewed our split PDEK grafts performed in the last 18 months and assessed their survival and the associated visual recovery 12 months post-operatively


12 split PDEK our of a total of 89 PDEK grafts were identified. Mean BCVA improved from 1.2 to 0.65 at 3 months, 0.44 at 6 months, 0.32 at 9 months and 0.18 at 12 months. There were no primary of secondary graft failures at the split PDEK group


Split PDEK graft do not need to discarded and can be used for successful PDEK endothelial graft surgery. Visual recovery is not as fast as with uncomplicated PDEK graft but BCVA shows no significant difference at 12 months post-operatively as after uncomplicated PDEK grafting.

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