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Visual and anatomic results after sole full-thickness sutures for acute corneal hydrops

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First Author: J.Toledo Martínez MEXICO

Co Author(s):    A. García Albisua   N. Dávila Ávila   G. Dewitt Carter   E. Hernández Quintela           

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To determine if sole full-thickness penetrating sutures as the only treatment for corneal hydrops can be a viable treatment, and if it is viable, to report the visual and anatomical outcomes for this technique.


Asociación Para Evitar la Ceguera en México.


Retrospective case series with 17 patients, in which all of the patients had as the only treatment for corneal hydrops full-thickness sole sutures.


17 patients were included in which they showed the onset of symptoms with a median of 15 days previous to the surgical intervention. The median pre-surgical pachymetry was 1235 μm, one month posterior to the surgical intervention the median central corneal thickness was 830 μm and 502 μm after 3 months (p <0.0001). Regarding to best corrected visual acuity, presurgical patients presented a median of 1.40 LogMAR and a postsurgical of 1.00 LogMAR after 3 months (p <0.0001). Amongst the complications deep neovascularization was found in 3 patients (17.6%). None of the patients presented cataract nor pupilary block.


Given the importance of central corneal thickness and best corrected visual acuity, full-thickness sole sutures seem to be a viable treatment for corneal hydrops.

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