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Five years review of cornea transplant surgery performed at a tertiary Hospital in UAE

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First Author: A.Taguri UAE

Co Author(s):    S. Amira   R. Al Nuaimi   B. Al Ali   F. Al Derei           

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Retrospective review of the indications, risk factors, visual outcome and quality of donor cornea tissue used for corneal transplant surgeries performed at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City between 2012 and 2017


Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC). A tertiary referral centre for corneal transplant in UAE.


Electronic medical records of all patients who had had corneal transplant surgery between January 2012 and December 2017 were reviewed. Data pertaining to donors and recipients of cornea transplant tissue were collected and analysed using SPSS package


220 cornea transplant performed for patients aged 1 to 105 years.. Donor related data (Median); age; 45 years, Endothelium cell count: 2907, Death-Transplant Time 10 days. Indications for surgery; keratconus 27%, Infection & melt 20%, Cornea scars 13%, Bullous keratopathy 12%, Graft rejection 10%. Surgeries performed; PKP 70%, DALK 20%, DSAEK 10%. Concomitant surgeries performed; Cataract Extraction 17%, Amniotic membrane transplant 9%, Glaucoma surgery 1.3%. Preop risk factors (65%); vascularisation 20%, Glaucoma 15%, Infection & melt 20%, previous graft 10% . Median preoperative vision: Hand Motion improve to postop 20/100 Graft rejection occurred once in 16%, twice in 5% of cases.


The indication of corneal transplant results reflects the mixed corneal pathology prevalent in the local community. These include keratoconus and contact lens related infections in younger age group and the Post-trachomatus scar in elderly group. The surgery resulted in a significant improvement in vision despite a high prevalence of risk factors for graft rejection among the study group . The donor tissue was of good quality both in terms of endothelial cell density and the average death to transplant time.

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