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Amniotic membrane transplantation: the importance of the postoperative eye care

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First Author: H.Santiago Balsera SPAIN

Co Author(s):    G. Ancochea   L. Modamio   J. Orduña              

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To assess the efficacy of amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) in 3 different cases of ocular surface disorders (OSD)


OSD are challenging to treat. They can introduce serious morbidity and might even lead to visual loss. In such situations, AMT has been shown to be effective in the management of ocular surface pathologies


Experience of AMT in 3 different OSD was evaluated: descemetocele, non-healing ulcer with corneal thinning and band keratopathy. The aim of AMT was to achieve symptomatic relief, reduced inflammation, improve epithelization and stromal healing. Improvement in visual acuity was not possible in descemetocele case. Fresh amniotic membrane was used in all cases. Follow-up and observations were done to evaluate success of achieving the goal.


Postoperative follow-up was between 6 and 13 months. Success and complication rate were observed. Symptomatic relief (reduced pain and redness) was seen in all cases. Improved epithelization, stromal healing and visual acuity recovery were noted in corneal ulcer and band keratopathy cases. On the other hand, in descemetocele case, graft success was impossible since the patient did not comply with the postoperative treatment orders. Later he confessed that he frequently scratched his eye. The membrane did not remain in the correct position for long time.


AMT is a great therapeutic alternative to avoid serious eye complications in OSD. It shows success in achieving the goal of symptomatic relief, improved epithelialization, stromal healing and vision. Reduction in inflammation, corneal haze and recurrence of original disease is achieved with minimum complications. However, patient’s involvement in postoperative eye care is just as important as surgery to ensure the success ot the intervention

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