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Comparison of clinical outcomes of penetrating keratoplasty and DSAEK in combined surgery

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First Author: L.Saad ALGERIA

Co Author(s):    L. Degdeg   A. Hichem   S. Allaeddine   A. Omar   R. Mounir   H. Faycel     

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To evaluate the longer-term clinical outcomes and graft survival up to 03 years of patients rehabilitated by combined surgery for corneal disease and cataract or aphakia without capsule support. divided in 02 groups: penetrating keratoplasty (PK), endothelial graft type DSAEK. [best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), central endothelial cell density (ECD), Survival probability was calculated, per and postoperative complications were documented.


Prospective, interventional case series conducted at the Military university hospital of Constantine, Algeria


20 patients suffered from: post-traumatic corneal scar and cataract 20%, corneal scar secondary to anterior chamber implant (ICA) 5%, corneal scar post phacoemulsification (PKE) 5%, endothelial dysfunction secondary to ICA 20%, stromal dystrophy and cataract 20%, endothelial dysfunction post PKE 15%, Fuchs’ dystrophy and cataract 10%, keratoconus and cataract 5%. 60% were phakic and 40 % patients were aphakic.


Mean age 66,09+12,86 years. 35% mal, 65% female. 50% underwent triple procedure (PK), extracapsular lens extraction and IOL implantation, 15% PK and posterior IOL iris claw. 10% PKE, DSAEK and IOL implantation. 25% IOL exchange, posterior Iris claw and DSAEK.65% of patients underwent PK and 35% DSAEK. The mean BSCVA in snellen scale respectively in the group PK and DSAEK (0,46 + 0,10), (0,39 + 0,21). PK group: 01 case of capsular break, 10% graft rejection, 10 % peripheral corneal abscise well recovered after treatment. 01 case of graft detachment occurred in DSAEK group resolved after rebubbling. ECD loss PK(40,77%) DASEK (44,29 ). Rate survival at 03 years is 100% in both groups.


03 years follow-up show very high rate of graft survival, good visual outcomes in both groups, but with more preoperative and postoperative complications in the group of PK.

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