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Can animals always damage SMILE

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First Author: D.Mirsaitova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    E. Boiko   A. Titov                 

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To restore the integrity and optical properties of the cornea acquired after ReLEx SMILE procedure however lost after laceration trauma.


The S. Fyodorov "Eye Microsurgery" Federal State Institution, St. Petersburg Branch


Patient C, 25years old. VApre-op OD0.03Sph-6.00Cyl-0.50ax110=1.00, OS0.03Sph-6.00=1.00. Refractive surgery was performed using the Smile technology. VA on the 1day post-op OD0.90, OS0.80. 3months after surgery, a patient, while playing with a dog received a scratch like trauma to the right eye. Complaints of a red eye, severe lacrimation, photophobia, deterioration in the quality of vision. Objective data:OD0.80Cyl-0.50ax15=1.20, OS1.20=1.20. Status localis: eyelids unchanged. Mixed injection of conjunctival vessels. Cornea–incision like rupture~3-4mm and flap displacement in the inner quadrant, local edema of the cornea.Deep-lying structures without pathological changes.Diagnosis:OD-traumatic rupture and displacement of the flap, operated moderate degree myopia using ReLExSMILE.


The wound was treated, the epithelium was removed from the bed of the cornea and the inner surface of the flap, reposition of the displaced corneal flap. 1 post-op day VA OD = 0.4. Status localis: Mixed injection of conjunctival vessels. Cornea - the corneal flap is adapted, local edema, epithelialization in progress, contact lens in the correct position. Deep-lying structures without pathological changes. In the postoperative period, in addition to the instillation of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs (aminoglycosides, glucocorticosteroids 4 times a day for 5 days), the drug HYLOPARIN-COMOD® was used as a tear substitute, which was prescribed as instillations 4 times a day for 3 months. 1week post-op VA OD = 0.95 cyl -0.5D ax 0 = 1.0 Status localis: the cornea is transparent, the flap is adapted. Deepening structures without pathology. 1 month post-op Visus OD = 1.2. Status localis: the cornea is transparent, the flap is adapted. Deep-lying structures without pathology.


This clinical example demonstrates the possibility of surgical intervention without switching to patchwork surgery: The flap remains a flap; The strength of its fixation is higher, due to the greater length of its attachment to the cornea; Festina lente – dynamic observation epithelial growth is necessary; Love animals on the safe distance :)

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