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Sandwich technique of cyanoacrylate glue application with bandage contact lens in medium to large perforated corneal ulcers

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First Author: S.Lata INDIA

Co Author(s):    N. Sharma   R. Bafna                 

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Temporary tectonic measure in medium to large corneal perforation when there is limitation of corneal tissue availability.


The study was conducted after getting ethical clearance, at tertiary health care centre for patients with medium to large perforated corneal ulcers.


This was a prospective, Interventional case series of the patients reporting with perforated corneal ulcer measuring between 3mm to 6mm, in which conventional cyanoacrylate application was not feasible (due to large size) and therapeutic keratoplasty couldn’t be performed in view of the unavailability of corneal tissues for transplantation. A total of 5 patients underwent the sandwich technique for large perforated corneal ulcer. All patients were on topical and oral medication pre and post-surgery and therapeutic keratoplasty were done on the availability of tissues.


Post surgery patients were followed up on day1, day3, day 7. Primary outcome parameters were well formed anterior chamber and secondary outcome parameters were to look for sign of progression such as the presence of hypopyon and endophthalmitis. The mean age of five patients in our study was 54.3 ±4. 7 years with 3 males and 2 females. 60 percent of our patient’s etiology was bacterial and rest 40 percent of patients had fungal etiology All patients had well-formed anterior chamber, digitally normal intraocular pressure in the post-operative period. None of them had hypopyon and endophthalmitis. All these patients underwent successful therapeutic keratoplasty with no recurrence of infection.


Sandwich technique of cyanoacrylate glue application is a very feasible, reproducible and economical technique which can be performed by general ophthalmologists in patients with large perforated corneal ulcers. This technique provides tectonic support to the globe and helps in preventing dreaded complications Financial disclosure- There are no financial conflicts of interest to disclose.

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