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Our experience with the novel corneal tattoo gun

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First Author: I.Lal INDIA

Co Author(s):    G. Ismail                    

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To evaluate the cosmetic efficacy and safety of a novel corneal tattoo gun used for corneal tattooing in eyes with disfiguring corneal opacities.


Delhi Eye Centre, 3/24, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, India


This is a retrospective, non-comparative clinical case series. Twenty one eyes of 21 patients underwent the tattooing procedure for disfiguring corneal scars in eyes with nil visual prognosis. Complete ocular examination including slit lamp photography and ocular ultrasonography was performed for all patients. All the procedures were performed under topical anaesthesia using the corneal tattoo gun. The minimum follow up period was six months. The post-operative complications and cosmetic appearance including the patient satisfaction were evaluated and graded.


Six women and fifteen men were included in the study. The mean age was 30 years (range: 13-61 years). At the end of follow up period, 19 patients (90%) were satisfied with their cosmetic appearance. One patient underwent repeat corneal tattooing procedure due to mild fading of the pigment. No serious complications were observed except delayed healing of an epithelial defect associated with fading of pigment in one case (less than 1%).


The corneal tattooing procedure using the novel tattoo gun is a safe, convenient and affordable technique for improving the aesthetic appearance of blind eyes with disfiguring corneal opacities. This procedure provides excellent cosmesis in most cases associated with high patient satisfaction.

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