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Assessing the DSAEK thinning rate over time

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First Author: M.Fenech UK

Co Author(s):    V. Romano   .                  

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To assess the thinning rate of ultrathin DSAEK grafts and correlate with visual recovery


Tertiary centre for corneal & ocular surface disease, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, St. Paul’s Eye Unit, Liverpool.


Patients who underwent ultrathin DSAEK between January 2017 and January 2019 with at least 12 months follow up were included in this retrospective study. The outcomes were DSAEK thinning rate over 12 months’ time and visual recovery. In addition to corneal thickness detected at anterior segment OCT and visual acuity, data on patient age, gender, surgical indication, combination surgery, donor characteristics and graft preparation were collected.


Average cohort age was 72.3 years (SD 10.9). The average thinning rate of the DSAEK graft was that of 1.49um/month, with a thinning rate of 18 microns over 12 months. Combined surgery or surgical indication did not influence the DSAEK thinning rate (p = 0.2354; p value = 0.2271 respectively). Visual acuity achieved was 0.5LogMAR (SD 0.598) over a span of 12 months. No difference in VA was achieved between DSAEK alone or DSAEK combined with phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implant (p value = 0.69810).


The DSAEK thinning rate correlate with visual recovery and implanting a thinner graft influence the speed of recovery

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