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Cosmetic keratopigmentation: medium and long-term evaluation

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First Author: F.D'Oria SPAIN

Co Author(s):    A. Rodriguez   M. Amesty   S. Abu   J. Alio           

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To assess the medium and long-term outcome of keratopigmentation (KTP) as a surgical alternative to change cosmetic appearance in healthy eyes.


VISSUM Corporation, Alicante, Spain; Resbiomed Ophthalmology Center, Sofia, Bulgaria; Magrabi Hospitals and Centers, Abu Dhabi, UAE; and Beverly Hills Center, Kuwait.


Prospective, interventional, consecutive, multicenter, series of cases of elective KTP for purely cosmetic reasons. 79 eyes of 40 consecutive patients underwent KTP with third generation customized mineral micronized pigments using an intrastromal (femtosecond laser-assisted intrastromal technique [FAK]) or superficial technique (superficial automated keratopigmentation [SAK]). Main outcomes were cosmetic evaluation of the pigmentation pattern and stability and patients’ satisfaction. Also, patients were asked whether they would repeat surgery or not. Any type of functional or organic complications were assessed and recorded.


This study included 79 eyes of 40 consecutive patients, with a mean age of 34 years (range 21 to 63). We used FAK in 39 patients (97.5%), while 1 patient was treated with SAK (2.5%). Mean follow-up was 29 months (range 6-69). 28 eyes (35.4%) were reoperated. Observer’s evaluation was excellent in 85% of cases, patient’s satisfaction was excellent in 87.5% of cases. Light sensitivity during the first month was the most common complication (30%), followed by change in the color (7.5%), color fading (5%) and visual field limitations 2.5%.1 patient with a prior LASIK had a corneal ectasia.


Cosmetic KTP achieves good cosmetic results and is associated with good patient satisfaction, allowing to a new surgical alternative for those patients motivated to change the apparent color of the eye, confirm the safety and effectiveness at a medium-, long-term.

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