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The influence of speed during stripping in descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty tissue preparation

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First Author: D.Borroni ITALY

Co Author(s):    K. Gadhvi   F. Pennisi   A. Galeone   D. Ponzin   S. Ferrari   V. Romano     

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To evaluate if the speed of stripping a DMEK graft influences the graft scroll width.


Venice Eye Bank Foundation


Human corneas suitable for research were selected for the study. Pairs of corneas were randomly divided into 2 groups. 1 cornea was stripped with a slow speed (Group 1) and the contralateral with a fast speed (Group 2). Slow speed was defined as total time greater than 150 seconds or speed <0.057mm/sec. Fast peeling was defined less than 75 seconds or speed >0.11mm/sec. The grafts acquired were evaluated by microscopy for the graft scroll width and endothelial cell density (ECD) change pre and post preparation.


10 corneas of 5 donors were included in the analysis. The mean donor age was 70.6±6.4 years. The mean total time of the tissue preparation in group 1 was 274.2±37 seconds, and in group 2 was 153±53 seconds (p-value=0.0038). The mean speed of stripping in group 1 was 0.048±0.006 mm/sec, in group 2 was 0.188±0.063 mm/sec (p-value = 0.0055). The graft width in group 1 was 6.28±0.92 mm and in group 2 was 2.92±0.23 mm (p-value = 0.00066). The mean endothelial cell loss in group 1 was 292±109 cells/mm2 and in group 2 was 160±23.66 cells/mm2 (p-value=0.039).


We found a correlation between the speed of stripping, scroll width and endothelial cell loss. Slow peeled DMEK grafts result in a wider scroll width but were associated with a greater reduction in ECD.

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