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Temporary keratoprosthesis for traumatic loss of a corneal button

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First Author: A.Balestrazzi ITALY

Co Author(s):    M. Paolo   F. Corasaniti   M. Iossa   C. Tamburrelli           

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To describe the use of a temporary keratoprosthesis for the traumatic loss of a corneal button in the absence of donor corneal tissue from eye bank.


Ophthalmology Department- Opthalmic Hospital Rome


A 30-year-old man with a history of a prior penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) presented with an open globe following accidental contusive trauma with a football balloon 7 days after the removal of the double running suture ,12 months after a Keratoplasty for corneal dystrophy performed in another hospital. Complete dehiscence of his corneal graft at the graft host junction was observed with partial uveal tissue protrusion ,lens was not present. Since a cornea is not available , as it is a nocturnal time, we decided to stabilize the eye by applying a temporary keratoprosthesis for vitreoretinal surgery.


The next day a cornea was made available and we proceeded to remove the temporary keratoprosthesis and to apply a donor cornea of 8.50 mm sutured with 16 detached 10-0 nylon stitches maintaining a constant infusion throughout the surgery. In the following days the corneal button was in good condition with rare Descemet folds and it was possible to visualize an iris coloboma located in the nasal sector. A month after the operation the visus was 20/100 with + 12 sphere, 20/40 after 6 and 20/30 after 12 months with +12, 50 sphere.


In case of complete dehiscence of the corneal button after perforating keratoplasty it is possible to use a temporary keratoprosthesis to stabilize the eye and contain the intraocular structures.

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