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Pterygium removal is not so easy as it seems

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First Author: E.Andreeva RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    I. Malyutina   R. Dolzhich   V. Pogorelova   I. Efimova   E. Kharchenko   I. Bubnov     

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To accentuate the importance of cornea layers maintenance in routine pterygium removal


Russia Federation, Rostov-on-Don, Eye Clinic Excimer


53 years presbyopic male, with 20/20 distance vision, complained on white membrane in left eye from nasal side.The consultant diagnosed 3d stage pterygium and forwarded to planned operation. No features during the procedure: blade separation and conjunctival plastic with local antiVEGF injection.


On the 1st follow-up the surgeon decided to reput stitches with a little corner scrubbing in paracentral scrubbing. The defect zone remained 2 mm from the nasal side and patient was delivered on 2 weeks treatment with ointment, eye gel and antibiotics. Coming to follow-up visit, patient didn't complained. OCT Visante consumed 3x2 mm descemetocele in nasal zone. The surgeon decided to cover the defect zone with scleral alloplant (for scleroplasty procedure) and transmit patient to regional hospital for peripheral cornea transplantation.


Quite deep separation of cornea layer down to Descemets' membrane on corneal transparency seeking, played a bad joke with a mature surgeon and forwarded an average patient with no ocular pathology to complicated case.

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