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Posterior corneal surface, a new powerful tool for ophthalmologists

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First Author: S.Alrabiah KUWAIT

Co Author(s):    A. Alrabiah   A. Alrabiah                 

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To illustrate the importance of examining and evaluating the corneal posterior surface in our daily ophthalmic clinical practice


Our system to study the posterior corneal surface is GALILEI , Dual-Scheimpflug tomography, Ziemer, Switzerland Rabiah Medical Center Kuwait


All patients in our clinic listed for refractive or phaco surgery, as well as young children with abnormal refraction those patients were examined and evaluated for the posterior corneal surface data 1- Early detection and scanning for Keratoconus, by looking at * BFS (Best fit sphere) * and BFTA ( Best fit toric astigmatic) 2- Measuring the true ( actual ) power and axis of corneal Astigmatism for the Toric IOLs calculation 3- No more refractive surprises for post lasik phaco surgeries


1- BFTA and BFS are ones of the many criteria to screen early cases of Keratoconus 2- Accurate Toric IOL Astigmatic power and axis are more feasible now 3- No more refractive surprises for post Lasik phaco surgeries


Post corneal surface offering us many diagnostic, measuring and screening tools for our daily ophthalmic practice

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