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Femtosecondlaser-assisted anterior lamellar keratoplasty (FALK)

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First Author: S.Algehedan SAUDI ARABIA

Co Author(s):    S. Algehedan                    

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To report the clinical results of utilizing the Femtosecond laser technology as a modern tool in performing anterior lamellar keratoplasty with minimal surgical trauma and excellent clinical results


Clinical case series


30 and 33-year-old men with advanced keratocounus underwent femtosecond laser-assisted FALK on one eye each. The donor lenticules were prepared from corneoscleral rim utilizing the LDV Zimmer femtosecond laser device and the associated artificial anterior chamber . The anterior lamellar cut was also performed on the patient's eye with the femtosecond laser.


Postoperative examinations showed well-adapted clear grafts with clear interface. Measurements showed a corneal pachymetry of more than 700 microm associated with a regular posterior bed and a central thickness of more than 550 microm. Visual acuity improved dramatically with great improvements of post op astigmatism.


Donor lenticule and host corneal cuttings performed with the femtosecond laser device can be used in the successful management of eyes requiring anterior lamellar keratoplasty. Further studies are needed to evaluate outcomes of this procedure.

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