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Preliminary results with the fix-O-flex intracapsular ring

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First Author: A.Elmassry EGYPT

Co Author(s):    L. Leonidou   O. Sahin   I. Pallikaris              

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The fix-O-flex (EYE-PCR B.V) intracapsular ring is implanted in the capsule prior to the intraocular lens (IOL) to facilitate its centration and stabilization while maintaining the anatomical shape of the peripheral capsule. We report the preliminary results on the anterior segment biometry and refraction following implantation in sixteenf patients.


Elnour Eye Center, Alexandria, Egypt and University of Alexandria, Egypt. Prospective, non randomized interventional non comparative study.


The fix-O-flex ring has an external diameter of 9.8 mm and a thickness of 1.7mm. It has an internal grove to receive the IOL’s haptics and additional features to fasten the optical part of the IOL. The ring is implanted via a standard 2.2mm injector immediately after phacoemulsification. The IOL is injected after the ring has expanded in the capsule. Sixteen patients were randomly recruited and received the ring in combination with a Tecnis (ZCB00) (Johnson And Johnson New Brunswick, NJ) IOL. The patients were followed one day, one week and one month postoperatively.


Mean Best Spectacle corrected Visual Acuity was 0.61 (SD 0.25) at day 1 postoperatively, 0.80 (SD 0.13) at 1 week postoperatively and 0.92 (SD 0.44) at 1 month postoperatively. Pseudophakic ACD was 4.49 mm (SD 0.68mm) at day 1 postoperatively, 4.66 mm (SD 0.66mm) at 1 week postoperatively and 4.76mm (SD 0.66mm) at 1 month postoperatively. The difference between ACD at 1 month and day 1 was not statistically significant (p>0.05) indicating a stable postoperative lens position. Refraction was -0.69 D (SD 1.04 D) at day 1 postoperatively, -0.67D (SD 1.06 D) at 1 week postoperatively and -0.64D (SD 0.94D) at 1 month postoperatively. In all cases Scheimpflug photography revealed a space of at least 400 microns between the posterior capsule and the IOL optic. No adverse events were observed.


The fix-O-flex ring provides an open capsule space for IOL implantation where the IOL optic is fixed in the center of the ring. Biometry and refraction were stable from the first postoperative week.

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