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Thermal pulsations or conventional therapy for meibomian gland dysfunction: impact on tear film metrics & cataract surgery outcomes?

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First Author: R.Shroff INDIA

Co Author(s):    D. Mathur   A. Agarwal   D. Chauhan              

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To compare the current standard of care (Hot fomentation and topical antibiotic ointments) vs LipiFlow in the treatment of MGD and to analyse changes in tear film characteristics in patients undergoing treatment. To study the impact of treating MGD before cataract surgery on patient satisfaction following the procedure.


Tertiary eye care centre in north delhi


Prospective Randomized Single Centre interventional Hospital Study Consecutive patients undergoing cataract surgery were recruited. Grading of MGD was performed. Patients with Obstructive MGD were randomized to treatment with LipiFlow (Group 1, n=35) , no intervention (Group 2, n=35) and hot fomentation and antibiotic ointment (Group 3 , n=35). Objective criteria like Schirmers 1,2, TBUT, Meibomian gland dropout area,aberrations,Lipid layer thickness and SPEED score were studied in all the groups before and 3 months after treatment. Analysis was performed using Medcalc software. Statistical tests used were ANOVA and paired T test.


Group 1 (LIPIFLOW group) showed a significant improvement in preoperative and 3 month postoperative values of TBUT {5.91+ 0.5 to 10.39 + 1.5seconds ( p=0.004)}, Lipid layer thickness {67.94 + 5.9 to 80.50 + 7.2 ICU (p=0.04)}, SPEED score {13.63 + 0.8 to 09.44 + 0.8 (p=0.001)} and Meniscus height {0.27 + .03mm to 0.42 + .08 mm (p=0.03)} . Group 2 & 3 did not show a significant improvement in tear film metrics on comparing the pre and postoperative visits. On comparing the 3 groups TBUT (p=0.04), corneal aberrations (p=0.03) and SPEED Score (p=0.001) were significantly better in the Lipiflow group.


Treatment of MGD before Cataract Surgery improves patient satisfaction after cataract surgery. Treatment with LIPIFLOW (J&J) shows benefit over traditional therapy in patients with Moderate MGD. Cataract surgery outcomes are also better with prior treatment of MGD. Further studies and a larger sample size are required to verify the same.

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