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Accuracy of the updated Hill-RBF intraocular lens power calculator for Japanese eyes with long axial lengths

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First Author: Y.Mori JAPAN

Co Author(s):    S. Tokuda   K. Kinoshita   K. Minami   K. Miyata           

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The Hill-RBF calculator was updated (ver.2.0) by utilizing the expanded database that consisted of eyes with very short and long axial lengths (ALs), so that the range of in-bounds calculations increased. In our knowledge, the improvement in the power calculation accuracy has not been evaluated. This retrospective study aimed to evaluate the accuracy of updated Hill-RBF calculator for Japanese eyes with long ALs.


Miyata Eye Hospital, Miyazaki, Japan.


Patients with an AL longer than 26.0mm who had uneventful cataract surgery with insertion of the ZCB00V (Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision) were included in the retrospective study. With biometry data measured with optical low-coherence reflectometry (Lenstar LS900, Haag Streit), predicted postoperative refractions for implanted IOL were obtained in the use of the updated and old Hill-RBF calculators. Refractive errors from manifest refraction 1 month postoperatively were calculated and mean prediction error (ME), median absolute prediction error (MedAE) and percentage of eyes within ±0.5D and ±0.25D of errors were compared.


The study comprised 31 eyes of 24 patients. The range of AL was between 26.08 to 30.03 mm (mean: 27.43mm). The MEs of the updated and old Hill-RBF calculators were 0.17±0.30 D and 0.22±0.31D, respectively. The ME of the old Hill-RBF calculator was significantly more hyperopic than the use of the updated Hill-RBF calculator (P=0.0038). The MedAEs were 0.25D and 0.34D, respectively. The percentages within ±0.5D of errors were 87.1% in both calculations. There were 51.6% and 38.7% of eye within ±0.25D of errors, and the improvement with the use of the updated was found in 4 of 31 eyes.


The updated Hill-RBF calculator was equally or more accurate for Japanese eyes with long ALs. The continuous updates might be increasing the accuracy.

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