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Development of 27-gauge anterior capsulotomy forceps for sideport

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First Author: K.Kawai JAPAN

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Continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (CCC), which was developed by Shimizu, Gimbel, and Neuhann, has become mainstream for anterior capsulotomy in current cataract surgery. We have ever produced 23- and 25-gauge forceps, having in mind that the best incision method in CCC will be achieved by use of sideport anterior capsulotomy forceps. In the present study, we have developed 27-gauge anterior capsulotomy forceps for sideport and compared these 3 kinds of forceps.


Tokai University School of Medicine


We selected 3 kinds of CCC forceps, i.e., 23-gauge (G) AE-4388 and 25G AE-4404 (manufactured by ASICO) and 27G prototype (developed by us), and measured the tip length, width of open tips, angle of the tip, and shaft length, and determined whether recessed space is present in them. We also compared these forceps in terms of visibility, maneuverability, creep, and burden at the incision site, using pig eyes.


When the 27G forceps reduced the point-size to 25G, the length of angled tip end was changed from 0.33 mm to 0.42 mm in order to improve visibility and make them easy to grasp the capsule. When picking up a 20g weight with these forceps, 27G forceps showed little creep and good maneuverability to the same extent as other forceps. Moreover, the incision was extended by about only 0.1mm compared with that before using the 27G forceps.


The current trend in cataract surgery is to decrease the size of a sideport incision, and the 27G forceps are small in size and thin in the shaft, and seems to be easier to use. Furthermore, the creep and maneuverability, which were previously concerned, are comparable to conventional forceps.

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