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Comparative analysis of visual outcomes and implantation behavior of three preloaded monofocal hydrophobic acrylic IOL: six months results

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First Author: B.Kashyap INDIA

Co Author(s):    B. Kashyap   B. Kashyap                 

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To evaluate 6months Visual outcomes & intraoperative Implantation behavior of three preloaded Monofocal, hydrophobic acrylic IOL : Ozonated Vivinex iSERT, Tecnis iTEC PCBOO & AutonoMe Clareon.


Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.


This was a non randomized and comparative study of 150eyes (75 patients) with cataract & no other ocular or neurological co-morbidities under going cataract surgery who were divided into three Gr of preloaded aspheric hydrophobic acrylic IOLs Gr-1 Ozonated Vivinex (iSERT), Gr-2 Tecnis PCBOO (iTEC) & Gr-3 AutonoMe Clareon The required Axial Length was between 22&25mm. 6months post op Outcomes Measures Included (UDVA) & (CDVA), Spherical Equivalent (SE), Miyata grades of Glistening (0=No,1=mild,2=Moderate &3=severe),Morphological objective PCO estimation.Intra and Inter group pre vs post implantation change in incision width & Implantation behavior was also compared


UDVA LogMAR Gr-1(mean±SD ;0.03±0.1),Gr-2(0.02±0.1)& Gr-3(0.03±0.14)P=1.00,95% CI=0.02,0.02)-CDVA LogMAR Gr-1 (mean±SD 0.03±0.07),Gr-2(mean±SD 0.02±0.06) & Gr-3(mean±SD 0.02±0.1),P=0.21,95%CI=-0.03,0.01),Residual SE(diff= -0.406,p=0.395,95%CI( -1.35,0.537) ,Intra gr pre-post implantation Mean change in incision width sig more in all grs Gr-1=-.15,p=.000,95%CI(-.16,-.15),Gr-2 =.16, P=.00,95%CI(-.16,-.17)Gr-3=-.13,P=.000,95%CI(-.14,-.13),Inter Gr Incision width Change Non Sig in all Gr,Gr1&2 (diff M=-.01,p=.43,95%CI=(-.009, -.15) Gr1&Gr3(diff M= .0004, p=.86,95%CI(-.004,-.003)Gr2 &3(diff mean= .013,p=.62,95%CI(.012,.014) Among All the 3 Grs Glistening & PCO non sig ²=.187,p=.99,& ²=1.68,P=.43


6months Visual outcomes of this study shows no Significant difference in visual outcomes among the three groups .The per-operative Inter Group change in Incision width &Incidence of delivery of folded leading haptic is Comparable in all three Groups

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