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Comparison of torsional phacoemulsification performed with three diffrerent phaco tip designs

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First Author: H.Hurii TURKEY

Co Author(s):    M. Baykara                    

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To compare the outcomes of torsional phacoemulsification with 30 degree Ozil® tip, 45 degree Intrepid® Balanced tip and 45 degree Kelman® tip.


Bergama Necla-Mithat Oztüre State Hospital, Izmir


This retrospective study included 90 eyes underwent torsional phacoemulsification surgery using 30 degree Ozil® tip (Group 1), 45 degree Intrepid® Balanced tip (Group 2) or 45 degree Kelman® tip (Group 3). Ultrasound time (UST), cumulative dissipated energy (CDE), average phaco power, average torsional amplitude, mean volume of balanced salt solution used, mean aspiration and operation time and preoperative, postoperative corrected distant visual acuity (CDVA), central corneal thickness (CCT) were recorded.


All groups included 30 eyes. The mean UST, CDE, average phaco power, average torsional amplitude were 51.9 ± 18.7 seconds, 11.0±4.7, 25.7±4.9%, 52.6±7.7% in Group 1 and 46.7 ± 12.8 seconds, 5.1±2.4, 13.6±5.9%, 29.7±7.6% in Group 2 and 46.4 ± 14.9 seconds, 6.9±3.1, 18.9±5.9%, 39.2±7.9% in Group 3, respectively. The mean CDE, average phaco power and average torsional amplitude were significantly lower in Group 2 than Group 1 and 3 (p<0.05). The mean balanced salt solution volume was 57.6±13.2 cc in Group 1 and 52.4±9.2 cc in Group 2 and 50.0±7.9 cc in Group 3.


Torsional phacoemulsification using Intrepid® Balanced tip appear to be more effective than 30-degree® Ozil and 45 degree Kelman® tip regarding lower CDE, average phaco power and average torsional amplitude.

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