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Accuracy evaluation of a novel digital touchless Toric IOL marking system (EB TORIC – EYE PRO)

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First Author: E.Borasio UAE

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To evaluate the accuracy of EB TORIC (EYE PRO app, EB EYE Ltd, UK), a novel touchless digital marking system specifically developed for toric intraocular lens alignment. EB TORIC is an iOS app which utilizes the device’s internal gyroscope for the purpose of precise corneal meridian identification.


Burjeel Hospital and Burjeel Day Surgery Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Prospective sequential case series of the first 14 eyes (9 patients) operated using the device. 7 eyes underwent FLACS; 5 phacoemulsification; 2 toric ICL implantation. All eyes were operated by the Author. A photo of the eye was taken with EB TORIC with the patient in sitting position after marking a random location on the limbus, then the marker on EB TORIC was aligned with the limbal mark and the app calculated the offsets required to place the incision and the toric IOL. The cornea was marked only once, using the above offsets, while the patient was on the table.


Mean preoperative keratometric astigmatism (Lenstar) was 1.75 (±0.68) D. Mean postoperative refractive astigmatism (converted at the corneal plane) was 0.05 (±0.20) D. Arithmetic astigmatism change was 1.75 (±0.69) D. Vector Surgically Induced Astigmatism was 0.92 (±1.70) D @3 (±27)°. Unaided visual acuity (UAVA) improved significantly (p<0.05) from -0.40 (±0.79) to -0.99 (±0.03) LogMAR. Best Corrected Visual Acuity (BCVA) improved significantly (p<0.05) from -0.74 (±0.80) to -0.99 (±0.03) LogMAR. Postoperatively, 93% of the eyes had <0.50 D of refractive astigmatism and 100% <= 0.75 D. EB TORIC allowed extremely fast and comfortable marking and no patients suffered corneal abrasions.


The preliminary results in this case series showed excellent accuracy and reliability of EB TORIC and great safety compared to traditional corneal markers due to the absence of corneal touch in sitting position. The touchless system could be particularly indicated in uncooperative patients and children.

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