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New surgical drape for simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery

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First Author: T.Akahoshi JAPAN

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Simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery has several merits not only for the patients but also for the surgeons. Efficiency and cost reduction are the major points to consider for the surgeons. In the conventional system, two drapes and two times draping were necessary to finish the bilateral surgery. The purpose of this project is to develop a new surgical drape which can enhance the efficiency and reduce the cost of simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery.


The prototypes of new drapes were tested in the routine cataract surgery at Akihabara Eye Clinic, Tokyo, Japan where more than 90% of the cases are treated by the simultaneous bilateral procedure.


The big drape body has two opening to expose the eyes and two pouches to collect the irrigating solution on both sides. The opening has no adhesive plastic sheet to fix the lids. Small adhesive plastic sheet with a slit opening is applied separately on the each operating eye. The upper and lower lids are simultaneously covered by the adhesive sheet to block the Meibomian secretion. When the first surgery is finished, this small sheet as well as the used pouch are removed and another small plastic sheet is applied on the fellow eye for the second surgery.


Only one big drape body can manage bilateral surgery which can be a decent reduction of the cost. The small adhesive plastic sheet is quite easy to apply on the eyelids. As the slit shaped hole is precut, the upper and lower lids were easily covered by the speculum. Thus the contamination of the surgical field by the Meibomian secretion was perfectly avoided. As the fellow eye was not covered by the drape, the eye position could be controlled by the fixing light during the surgery. The claustrophobia patients were quite comfortable as the drape never covers both eyes.


This new drape is easy to apply and cheaper than using two drapes two times. The small adhesive plastic sheet with precut slit is critical in preventing the endophthalmitis by blocking the Meibomian secretion. As the fellow eye is always open, the eye position can be controlled by the non-operating eye during the surgery. It can provide much comfort for the claustrophobia patients. It can be a new standard drape for the simultaneous bilateral surgery not only for cataract but also for other types of ophthalmic surgeries.

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